An Eco-Friendly Vineyard

"A great terroir can’t express itself without an appropriate work done"

Within the constant search of quality products and respect of the environment, Isabelle and Didier Gil made strong and strict choices for conducting the vineyard.

Château Haut-Peyrat is engaged in an environmental responsible approach. In a few months, it will be certified “SME” (Environmental Management System). It has already reached the level 2 of HVE (Environmental High Value) and is ready now to take the level 3, which will allow us to claim the “Environmental High Value Holding”.




The aim of our partnership between the consulting firm CIC and our technical manager is is to focus on soft or alternatives techniques. CIC acts in the sense of a reduction of the phytosanitary treatments thanks to their rigorous use of them, and promotes the success of the sustainable and biological fights.

An effluent treatment station has also been settled

Our certifications

Certification AREA Aquitaine

HVE Certification (level 3) in progress

The vine branches boiler

As the debate on energy-saving is very important nowadays, we want to use the fact 1 hectare of vines produces two tons of vine branches, that represents an hectare of vines produces two tons of vine branches, that represents about a thousand liters of fuel.

That’s in this clean and responsible way the Château Haut-Peyrat decided to be equipped of a vine branchers boiler. Then, instead of burning the vine branches at the end of the vines row after cutting, vines branches are crushed, dried, stored to finally be burned to heat the entire property, as well as heating water needed for thermoregulation of the wine store-house.

There is only a few wineries from Bordeaux using this kind of boiler while it definitely turns out to have a real economic interest, and first of all ecological.

Sheep in our vineyards

The sheep allow us to reduce the use of pesticides to weed between our rows of vines. The idea may seem innovative and yet it is not new. Indeed, in the past, sheep gladly rendered service to wine-growers by browsing the grass under the vines. Then, the era of chemistry (and therefore weed killers) chased sheep from the vineyards. Our pretty sheep, of the Suffolk breed, will therefore do us a great weeding service before the development of the vegetation (buds and leaves). We will be happy to present them to you when you next visit the property.


Château Haut Peyrat is located in the heights of the village of Cambes in the Bordeaux region.

The whole of the buildings is on the croup of a hill which offers a view on the territory of Entre-deux-Mers.


Château Haut Peyrat

33880 Cambes

+33 5 57 80 47 27

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