Le Carrelet d'Haut-Peyrat

Link between land and sea

The Carrelet, cultural and heritage emblem

Lovers of the river and its history, Isabelle and Didier made a pretty plaice at the foot of the property.


In keeping with tradition, it was built from Landes pine.

Protected in lush greenery, the plaice stands on the Garonne and offers a 180-degree view of the river.


Thus, the site occasionally lends itself to a few tastings of the property's wines.




Château Haut Peyrat is located in the heights of the village of Cambes in the Bordeaux region.

The whole of the buildings is on the croup of a hill which offers a view on the territory of Entre-deux-Mers.


Château Haut Peyrat

33880 Cambes

+33 5 57 80 47 27 


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